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Wikipedia List of Omaha Radio Stations

 AM Stations    Key: News / Talk  Sport  Faith Music / Other
Frequency Call Sign   Name Format
590 AM KXSP   Big Sport 590 Sport
660 AM KCRO Omaha's Christian Talk Christian Talk
1020 AM KOIL   Radio Disney Children's Radio
1110 AM KFAB NewsTalk 110 News/Talk
1180 AM KYDZ   La Preciosa Spanish
1290 AM KKAR Standing up for what's right! New/Talk
1340 AM KHUB   Heartland's heritage
  radio station
1420 AM KOTK Newstalk 1420 New/Talk
1490 AM KOMJ   Magic 1490 Easy listening
1560 AM KLNG   Quality Christian Radio Christian radio
1620 AM KOZN   The Zone - ESPN Radio Sport Talk

 FM Stations    Key: Faith Music Other

Frequency Call Sign   Name Format
87.7 FM* WOWT   NBC Channel 6 TV Audio
88.1 FM KMLV   K-LOVE Contemporary
Christian Music
88.9 FM KVSS   Spirit Catholic Radio Christian
89.7 FM KIWR   The River 89.7
  The Cutting Edge of Rock
90.7 FM KVNO Classical 90.7 Classical Music
91.5 FM KIOS Public Radio - NPR
  News, Jazz and so much more
Public Radio
92.3 FM KEZO Every thinks that rocks! Active rock
92.7 FM K224DJ   Lincoln NE Christian KLCV translator
93.3 FM KHUS Twister 93.3
  Omaha's New Country
93.7 FM K229BI   Lincoln NE Christian KLCV translator
94.1 FM KQCH Channel 94.1 all hit Music Top 40
96.1 FM KQBW The Biggest Variety
  of Rock Hits
Classic Rock
97.3 FM KBLR   Country 97.3 Country
97.7 FM KBBX Radio Lobo Spanish
98.5 FM KQKQ   Q98 Five
   The Modern Hit Music
Modern Adult
99.9 FM KGOR Superhits 99.9 Oldies
100.7 FM KGBI Safe For The Whole Family Contemporary
Christian Music
101.9 FM KOOO   The Big "O" 101.9 Adult Hits
103.7 FM KXKT KAT 103.7 Country
104.5 FM KSRZ STAR 104.5 Modern Adult
105.5 FM KFMT   GOLD 105.5 Classic Rock
105.9 FM KKCD CD 105.9  Classic Hits Classic Rock
106.9 FM KOPW   Power 106.9
  Today's Hottest Jamz
*Channel 6 analog audio broadcast will ends February 19th 2009

 Other Stations

Frequency Call Sign Name/ Format  
162.4 MHz KIH-61 Omaha's NOAA Weather Radio Audio*
* Weather Radio online Audio by CarterLake.org

Radio Broadcasting Companies/Groups...

* Sub page of www.disney.com web Site.
** Sub Page of
Wilkins Communications Network, Inc. web sit
*** Sub page of
Grace University web site.

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