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Weird Site of the Month: Superdickery.com where the truth about Superman finally comes out.

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More info on my book Mistranslating Neruda is at New Michigan Press' website.

Slamma Lamma Ding Dong, an Anthology of Nebraska Slam Poetry, Winner of the 2006 Nebraska Book Award for Best Anthology!

features 35 writers who've been part of the slam community since 1999 when the first poetry slams happened in the state (first in Wayne, then the fabled Border's slam in Omaha). Edited by JM Huscher, Dan Leamen, and myself, it's an extremely cool collection. It's available through iUniverse (the link above gives us the most money back), Amazon, and other online sources as well as the Bookworm, Soul Desires, and The Reading Grounds bookstores in Omaha (and, of course, you can also get them straight from me). They cost $12 and EVERY penny goes to the Slam Team fund, helping send Nebraska poets to national slams as well as bringing touring poets through and getting local poets into the schools.

And see some poems of Matt and Sarah in the Summer 2006 issue of the Subterranean Quarterly.

For local poetry readings, go to the spectacular Nebraska Poetry Menu at:

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And for info on the Omaha Healing Arts Poetry Slam, get thee to:

For some local food reviews, check out an excellent new Omaha site which lets you review local restaurants and check out what others have said about some place you might be thinking about going to: at reviewomaha.com

And I'm proud to announce the Roguescholars (at RogueScholars.Com), a group of cool New York City poets, awarded Mason October's Two-Headed Kitty Award. You can also see some of my cow poems on their feature The Martyrdom of the Cows.

Go to the Manly Men's Movie Reviews page to find out what's good, bad, and ugly: morpo.com/movies/.

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Matt Mason Updates have been moved to a blog page (because I am lazy, that's why): http://360.yahoo.com/diplodocush

Last update: October 8th, 2006

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